FAQ Starbucks Card Reward



How does Starbucks Rewards™ program work?

You automatically join the Starbucks Rewards™ program after you make an account and your Starbucks Card is registered. In this program there are 2 tiers:

Green Tier – You get this status automatically after you register.

Gold Tier – You get this status automatically after you’ve earned 300 Stars in 1 year period since you earned your first Star. To maintain your Gold status, you need to earn another 300 Stars in the following year.


What is the benefit for Green Member?

Green member in Starbucks Rewards™ get:

  • Welcome Bonus Stars upon your first registration
  • 1 Reward for every 100 Stars collected
  • 25 Bonus Stars on your birth date
  • Invitation to attend special events


What is the benefit for Gold Member?

Gold member in Starbucks Rewards™ get:

  • All Green Members benefit
  • 50 Bonus Stars on your birth date
  • Double Star Days on the 10th of every month
  • More Bonus Stars offers throughout the year


What is a Star?

Star – For every minimum purchase of Rp 5.000 spent and it multiplication using Starbucks Card, you will get 1 Star.


What is a Reward?

Reward – For every 100 Stars you collect, you’ll receive 1 Reward. Reward may be redeemed for 1 beverage (up to Grande size) / food / or Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew (3CT or 5CT only).


How do I start earning a Star?

Simply pay with your registered Starbucks Card or the Starbucks®ID mobile App every time you purchase in any Starbucks locations in Indonesia.


What is Double-Star Days on every month?

Double-Star Days are a special benefit exclusive for Gold members. Every 10th of the month, Gold member will get 2 Stars for every Rp 5.000,- spent on all eligible purchases when paying with registered Starbucks Card.


What is Bonus Star? How to get Bonus Star?

Periodically, there will be an opportunity to earn Bonus Stars, generally through exclusive offers informed by email or Starbucks® ID mobile App. Starbucks Rewards™ also exclusively create offers that may vary with details that are tailored just for you.


Can I transfer my Star/Reward to someone else or other registered cards in my account?

Stars and Rewards are non-transferable to a different account. If you have more than one Starbucks Card registered in your account, you do not need to transfer because all earned Stars and Rewards will be accumulated and combined under same account.


Will I get my Birthday Reward if I register my card on my birth date?

No you won’t, you have to register your card for minimum 1 month before your birth date to enjoy the Birthday Reward. You will get the Birthday Reward in the following year and every year thereafter.


Why do I have to pay with my Starbucks Card to earn a Star?

Stars are collected only when transaction is made using a registered Starbucks Card under your account. 


Are all Starbucks Cards eligible for Starbucks Rewards™ benefits?

Only registered Starbucks cards can collect Stars and Rewards. If you have more than one registered Starbucks Card on your account, all of the Stars and Rewards earned will accumulate in one registered account.


If I make a partial payment with my Starbucks Card, will I earn Stars on the product I buy?

Yes, you can split payment on a transaction using your Starbucks Card and any other form of payment that is accepted at our stores. You will still earn Stars on your purchase.


Does the Reward have a validity period?

Yes, the validity of your Reward is 6 months from the date you earn each Reward.


Does the Star have a validity period?

Yes, the validity period of your Star is 12 months from the date you earn each Star.


How can I find out the validity period of my Reward?

You can see the validity period of your Reward by logging in on www.starbucks.co.id/card or through Starbucks®ID mobile app.


How can I find out the validity period of my Star?

At this time, we’re unable to display the validity period of Star.




What is a Starbucks Card?

Starbucks Card is a stored value card that you can get, reloaded and used for payment at any Starbucks Indonesia (exception for Starbucks store at Indonesian airports). Starbucks Card must be activated and registered first to get the benefits of Starbucks Rewards™. After registering, you can also access all of your Starbucks Card and Starbucks Rewards™ features through the Starbucks®ID mobile application.


How can I activate a Starbucks Card?

Activate the Starbucks Card in all Starbucks stores in Indonesia (exception for Starbucks store at Indonesian airports) by filling the initial balance of a minimum Rp 100.000 and with a maximum balance Rp 2.000.000 in your Starbucks Card. There is no administration fee or fee for usage.


How do I register my card?

Visit www.starbucks.co.id/card to create an account and register your card. You'll need your card with you and follow the instructions to register your card. After creating an account, you can register all Starbucks cards through “Add Card” function.


How many Starbucks Card can be registered?

You can register all your cards by logging in online or with the Starbucks® ID mobile App through “Add Card” function.  There is no maximum number of Starbucks cards that can be registered on your account.


What can I purchase using my Starbucks Card?

The Starbucks Card can be used to purchase anything in our store from your favorite beverage, food to the latest merchandise.


How can I find out the balance in my Starbucks Card?

Once you have registered your card, you can check your balance in your card by logging onto www.starbucks.co.id/card or through the Starbucks®ID mobile application. Additionally, your remaining card balance is printed on the receipt after every transaction. Alternatively, you may also contact Customer Care at (021) 1500 078 to check your balance.


How do I top up my Starbucks Card?

You can top up your Starbucks Card at any Starbucks location in Indonesia with cash, debit and credit card or through mobile Apps.


Can I load or top up a Starbucks Card with another Starbucks Card?

No, you cannot load or top up a Starbucks Card with another Starbucks Card.


Can I pay using multiple Starbucks Cards in one transaction?

No, only one Starbucks Card may be used in a single transaction.


Can I reuse my Starbucks Card?

Definitely! Your Starbucks Cards are reloadable and reusable. You can top up your Starbucks Card with cash or debit card in any of our stores in Indonesia (except Starbucks store in Indonesia airports). The balance will expire in 12 months from the last transaction on your card. So, as long as you keep using your card, the expiration date keeps rolling.


How can I transfer my balance?

You can transfer balances from one Starbucks Card to another through www.starbucks.co.id/card or simply transfer through the Starbucks®ID mobile App. Balance transfer can be done if all the cards are on the same account. Only the full balance of a card may be transferred. If you experience problems in transferring balance, please contact Customer Care (021) 1500 078.


Can I return a Starbucks Card that I have purchased or received as gift recently and request for a refund?

No you can’t. All Starbucks Card purchased or received are non-refundable and not exchangeable for cash.


How does Starbucks protect my privacy after I register my Starbucks Card?

Under the Starbucks Indonesia privacy policy, Starbucks does not sell or give out any customer information including names, addresses, phone number, etc. to other companies without your permission.


Can I update my personal particulars on my Starbucks Card?

Yes, you can view or update your personal particulars (except for birth date and email address) by logging in on www.starbucks.co.id/card or through Starbucks®ID mobile App. If you experience problems in updating your data, please contact Customer Care (021) 1500 078.


Will my Starbucks Card be recognized at all Starbucks stores?

The Starbucks Card is accepted at all Starbucks locations in Indonesia. For further details please visit www.starbucks.co.id/card


Can I purchase a Starbucks Card in Indonesia and use it in another country?

Starbucks card issued in Indonesia can only be used at Starbucks outlets in Indonesia. Vice versa, we are unable to perform any transactions, including top-up, when using a Starbucks Card from another country.  

When using my Starbucks Card, will I still get a discount if I bring my Tumbler/Mug when buying a drink?

Yes, you will still receive a discount on your beverage with using your own Tumbler/Mug.


Does the Starbucks card have a validity period?

Starbucks cards do not have a validity period. But the validity period of your balance is 12 months from the last transaction with your card. As long as you continue to use your card, the validity period will continue.


What should I do if my Starbucks Card is lost, stolen or damaged?

If the card has been registered, you can deactivate and protect your balance. It's easy, just log in to your account at www.starbucks.co.id/cardor via the Starbucks®ID mobile application, and then click the "Report Loss of Card" menu. If you experience problems in reporting, please contact Customer Care at (021) 1500 078.

After the lost card is deactivated, you can activate a new card at the nearest Starbucks store then add a new card to the same account via www.starbucks.co.id/cardor through the Starbucks®ID mobile application by clicking on the "Add Card" menu. After the card has been added successfully, please contact Customer Care at (021) 1500 078 for assistance in transferring the balance from the lost card to the new card. Only the remaining balance can be transferred to a new card. Your Star / Reward cannot be transferred.


If Starbucks outlets experience system / offline interference, can I make transactions with Starbucks Cards and get Star?

When there is a system / offline disruption, you still get Star according to your purchase amount when the system is back online. You will be asked to make cash or debit card transaction and include your Starbucks card during the transaction.



What benefit can I get when I use Starbucks®ID App?

With Starbucks®ID mobile App, you will get all the benefits of Starbucks Card and also:

  • monitor the number of Stars and Rewards that you have collected
  • get the latest product and promotional information
  • events information that are running at Starbucks
  • see menu available in Starbucks
  • find the nearest Starbucks outlets from your location
  • see your transaction list
  • inbox message containing information of Starbucks special offers
  • make payments at Starbucks outlets through the App


What is mobile payment? How to use it?

Mobile payment is a feature in Starbucks® mobile App for iPhone® and Android™ that allows you to make payment from your Starbucks Card in our stores. Once you are logged in, simply tap ‘Pay’ to make a payment.


How do I change my primary card on the Starbucks®ID mobile App?

Tap ‘Pay’ menu, choose the card you want to select as your primary card, tap ‘Set as default card’.


I see ‘Menu’ on my App’s navigation. How do I place an order?

Currently we don’t accept order service through Starbucks®ID mobile App.


How do I delete a Starbucks Card in the Starbucks App?

Starbucks Card cannot be deleted from the App. If your card is stolen or damaged, you can report it to our Customer Care at (021) 1500 078.



Terms & Conditions Details

Details of Terms & Conditions are available on our website at www.starbucks.co.id. Use of the Starbucks card constitutes acceptance of the Terms & Conditions. Starbucks Indonesia reserves the right to add or change the Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. By using Starbucks card, you are automatically agreeing to the applicable Terms & Conditions.